Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art is a verb....

So I just started my second placement for student teaching, but now I am at the elementary level and oh man these kids are FUNNY!

Today I had two sections of 4th grade and four sections of 1st grade.  One of my first graders told me this "story" while he was putting his artwork on the drying rack. (We were doing crayon wax resist with watercolors.)

"I am an artist I um I art a lot.  I um have arted um 13 things. I'm um an artist an I art a lot. I don't do paintings like this one but I do do paintings like this one.

Me: Everyone is an artist in the artroom

(Nodding his head) But I'm an artist and I art a lot.......

On a different note I also watched a little boy write a love note...it said "I luve you (so & so) will you mary me?

Stayed tuned for more stories! 

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