Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Part of my inspiration...

So I come home from school today....I actually got to come straight home!! (The simple joys in life) and my mom has made 14 dozen cookies for me to take to my students on my last two days of student teaching at my high school placement....isn't that nice?  She told me that my dad came home earlier today and asked her what she was making all the cookies for and this conversation ensued....

Dad: What are all these cookies for?

Mom: Jenahlee is taking them as gifts for her students since this is her last week.

Dad: are they high school students?

Mom: Yes

Dad: Well give 'em rubbers then

She also points out the recently defaced Corn Flakes box....courtesy of my dad...(see the picture below)

Left: Weed Flakes Right:I smoked grass & Be Cool smoke dope

Surprisingly enough all of his children have turned out pretty normal!

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