Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A look into the future...

So Todd and I have trying (key word there, TRYING) to get rid of some clutter.  There were a couple of tubs in the garage that Todd's mom brought and we found some great things including the entire Goosebumps books collection that my students have been asking me to buy! Thanks for your donation Todd!

Along with these books and others, we also found some of Todd's old scout stuff and a notebook from eighth grade.  Well in the back of this notebook was a little look into what Todd's future will look like...or so he thought at the time :)

So we jump ahead to....

 For your sake I will decipher Todd's lovely handwriting for you!
 Not only is this his wife but they will meet in Paris...good thing I decided to take Paris off our list for the honeymoon in June...I'll have to keep that in mind in the future....OR there is serious plastic surgery in my future.

Show me the money....Jerry Maguire anyone?  Hopefully this will be the case by for now we are getting by :)

I went to college at Notre Dame...well we better be rich by then to pay for that education!

 Yes this is sideways, I was too lazy to change it, you get the gist!
 This is his house with his wife in Florida, it has 25 floors and a 25 car garage....not saying I wouldn't take it!
 Well these kids are somewhat blonde which according to Todd probably won't happen with our kids because blonde is a recessive gene....I've seen it happen...either way they WILL NOT have these names!

We eat some healthy food I guess...we cook almost every night so that is better than take out!  Note: WE cook not our maid Helga....hey not saying it wouldn't be nice!

Well check back in 24 years...we'll see how we're doing :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

100 Push Ups? I think yes!

So I have just completed Week 1 of my 6 week program to doing 100 pushups!  I found this FREE online program a while back....actually before our wedding but for some reason I didn't have much time to do's pretty well laid out and easy to follow and as of right now I totally recommend it! (Ask me again in a few weeks)

Hmm now how can I not make this a blog post about my work out plan....well today was my first day back from a week long Spring Break, let's just say the kids were a little crazy.

I found myself asking the kids on several occasions....Do you think I'm dumb?  Do you think I can't hear you talking right in front of me while I'm trying to read?  I usually tend to add something along the lines of I'm not that old, and my hearing is still quite good (actually I had a couple students once say that I had super sonic hearing, so clearly it's good)  This usually follows with a how old are you?  Today someone chimed in, "she's like 35" to which I replied I am not 35 and they continue to guess and eventually get closer...I will say 5th graders are much better than kindergarteners who usually guess something like 80.

On another note, my Master's thesis is basically complete, with a few minor corrections needed, printing on some fancy paper and binding!!!

Anywho, that's all for to stretch before bed!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Around the Neighborhood

So I really love the neighborhood we live in, the Timberline Estates.  Its pretty much like living in the country but with more houses around....I just thought I would share some photos form my walk today around Peaceful Drive and Deer Run....I was doing a little practice with Photoshop CS5 also...what do ya think?

Our house on Peaceful Drive

Down Deer Run

Over the "bridge" this same creek runs right behind our the description of our house it called this a "peaceful brook" I'll have to post again when it starts to rain in the spring....more like a raging river!

This isn't where our mailboxes are but I thought it made a good picture.

In the pasture where this windmill is there are two of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen! They are a very interesting color, but I didn't get a picture because they were eating and I couldn't get a good angle. Maybe another day...


An extension of the creek, there is a tree is this picture is growing horizontally, pretty neat!

A touch of old school in the neighborhood

This big lady lives right across the road from us with two other horses....she is BY FAR the biggest as she is a Clydesdale.  It was funny because as I was walking back to my house she followed me the whole way....we had quite the stare-down!

Needless to say I think she won.  I really need to ask our neighbor if she has a name, because Todd and I have been trying to come up with some of our own.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ciao, Italy!

So due to the fact that I started a brand new job two days after Todd and I's wedding we didn't have the opportunity to go on our honeymoon yet!  Instead we are going this June to Italia or in English that Italy :)

We will be gone for about 13 days, visiting several cities along the way seeing SO many sites!  A lot of research has gone into figuring out what exactly were are doing and now it's official! We start in Rome and actually end in Stresa, Switzerland.

If you've ever been to Italy we would love any input you have to give!! Feel free to comment!