Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New items to add to my "hate" list

So I have never actually made a hate list before. I was on a hate list once upon a time in junior high, but I assure you this is not that kind of list....

IF I were to have a hate list, and maybe this is the start of one these are a couple things that would be on it....

1. Swings or rather children on swings at recess time: I never knew that a fun plaything like a swing could cause so many mean and hateful comments

2. Tire swings or rather children on the tire swings at recess time: if I have to hear one more time that someone won't get off the tire swing I don't know what I'll do! Add tire swing police to my list of professional experiences

3. Recess duty in general: rather listing everything separately maybe this is the way to go. Recess duty is the bane of my existance! Talk about feeling like the big B everyday! GRRR

The upside to recess is that I do have a lot of HILARIOUS stories to share that do come from that lovely time called recess...

Big foot has left footprints in the snow on my playground, possibly killed someone and knawed on a few branches

Certain kids that like to throw fits give me a good chuckle most of the time--SWINGING is a HUGE deal, take away swinging time and you have got yourself a super MELT DOWN! It's great (is that normal that I feel that way....guess you have to entertain yourself somehow)

I did have a kid once who pooped his pants while playing on the playground and after being told by a friend (not him) that this had happened, he proceded to tell me that I was a recess waster..........sorry that you crapped your pants buddy!