Wednesday, June 30, 2010

44 days!

Well time is offically flying! Summer will be almost over and the wedding will be here before I know it! Progress is still pretty steady, we are making some good headway. RSVPs are coming in, which is so much fun! (I might go into a mild depression after the wedding because I won't be getting as much "fun" mail)

I have had to two wonderful showers, a Pampered Chef shower, where we got SO MUCH STUFF and a shower in Harlan where we got some really great stuff from our registry as well. It is so great to have such supportive friends and family as we prepare for this very special day!

I had my final dress fitting and Lisa, my seamstree, is a magical human being. She does such a wonderful job and the dress looks beautiful and IT FITS!!!

Outside of wedding planning I have been really busy writing curriculum, which we finished on Monday, woo hoo! I am currently sitting in class which started at noon and goes till 5PM...long day! Lots of reading and posting!

On top of all that we are leaving for Vegas tomorrow for Jonathan and Crystal's wedding and for the Fourth of July! The WHOLE family gets to go and it is going to be so much fun! Mark "Attend Vegas Wedding" off my bucket list...which I still need to make!

Lots more to do and I should probably pay attention in class! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

58 days and counting!

Obviously wedding planning is underway and I would like to say we are on the downhill! Invitations will go out this week, which is a HUGE relief!

Let's go down the checklist thus far...

Sponsor couple...check
Tuxes...almost check (once everyone gets their measurements in)
Bridesmaids dresses...check
Invitations...almost check
Decorations...making great progress
Flowers...check (oh buddy get ready for these!)

and much much more!

Mom and I have been stalking our printer to get the invitations to look like I want them to and they look fabulous! They will go out tonight or tomorrow at the latest! YAY!

Stay tuned at the countdown continues!