Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nerdy boyfriends are SWEET!

So I'm not sure how I functioned before I met Todd.  Besides all of his wonderful personality traits he also has quite a knack for computers and anything that goes along with them. (I needed to preface the story I'm about to tell with this tid-bit of information)

So after a very lazy day of hanging out at the Harley store BBQ, shopping at Wal-Mart, trying to nap, running and trying to nap again my brother came home from work.  After having some troubles with the internet for part of the day I asked him what his router was named and he said he wasn't sure and he also mentioned that he needed to put a password on it.  Their internet and cable provider has been broadcasting these super corny commercials about protecting your router from people so they can't steal your identity, so I guess he felt like he should and rightly so.  So I did the only thing I knew to do I called Todd (or Skyped him...this is our way of talking for free and it has video chat so its kind of like we are hanging out)

So I log on to what I think is Jonathan's router and Todd remotes in to my computer, which means he was controlling my computer all the way from Iowa.  He gets everything all figured out and a new password on the router.  So after I hang up the phone the internet was not working as well I thought it should be so I called him back.  Come to find out we have not only logged in to the wrong router but changed the password and everything!  WOOPS!!   So after a lot of working and Todd magically taking over my computer several times we got it all figured out.

I highly encourage everyone to get Skype is has lots of great me being to give Todd who is almost 2,000 miles away a video tour of my brothers house...its almost like he's here!As you can probably tell my nerdy boyfriend has rubbed off on his girlfriend aka me.

Well we are getting ready to watch Role Models and chill so I will update again tomorrow with details from my spring break trip.  I think the plan is to head to Lake Havasu to spend another lazy day in the sun!

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