Friday, March 20, 2009

"Fast Food" and White American Cheese

So we made the journey back home to good old Iowa today and oh was it a treat.

We get to the airport in Las Vegas two hours early and got through check-in and security in about 30 we obviously have some time to kill since our flight wasn't supposed to leave until 3:15.  Jacayla and I had not really eaten so once we got into the terminal we found a Pizza Hut Express and decided to eat there.

This is the type of Pizza Hut where they have four things on the menu to make the process of filling orders as easy as possibly, hence the "express" in Pizza Hut express.  So we wait in line and decide we are going to get the number 3, a personal pan pepperoni pizza, breadsticks and a drink for 9 bucks.  We step up the front of the line and before we can even order the lady asks us to look around on the floor and see if there is a dollar there because the lady who ordered before us told her that she didn't give her enough change and she just couldn't believe that she would have done such a thing...there was no dollar.  We tell the lady we want to 2 #3's and she says really loud so everyone behind us can hear "WE DON'T HAVE ANY BREADSTICKS" as if we should have already known that.  Ok fine, no problem so I decide to get a buffalo chicken pizza and Jacayla wants a pepperoni pizza.  Of course there is no pepperoni available so the cashier says it will be seven minutes before its we wait.  

Clearly there was NOTHING express about this place!!!  They have four things on the menu! In a busy airport there should be a constant flow of pizzas going through the oven, I don't work at Pizza Hut and I realize that this is how things should work.

SO......we get back to Iowa

My mom and Johannah pick us up from the airport and Johannah has a dance competition this weekend so she needed some stuff from Super Wal-Mart.  When we get there, none of us had eaten so we decide to hit up the Subway in the store before it closes. When we get there it appears as if only one person is working and there is a group of women in front of us with their two kids. Now for the purpose of this story I must tell you that the lady who worked there and these women and their children were black and I'm pretty sure one of them worked in Wal-Mart as well.  So they are ordering and the Subway sandwich "artist" asks what kind of chesse they want.  The women who was ordering asked what kind the white triangle cheese was and she was like American...and then repeats herself with a little bit of sass and says White American.  We all started laughing, maybe because in a sort of awkward situation like this that was all we could do.  So they finish up and get their food for free because they all must know each other.

So now its our turn to order.  The lady who had taken the order for the people in front of us yells out to the girl mopping the floor and tells her to come take our order because she needs to clean...or power clean as she called it.  The next thing we know some young boy comes in, walks right behind the counter and they both go outside to have a smoke.  So we are left with this one girl to take our order.  Jacayla orders a 6inch turkey on wheat bread....pretty simple right?  OH NO! This girl took a good 5-7 minutes just to get the bread cut and the meat on the sandwich and then she had to put the vegetables on and wrap it up and then she came back to take my order (ten minutes later)

So I order a 6 inch tuna on wheat bread.  She gets the bread out and goes to put the tuna on but the scooper is gone.  So she looks around for a few minutes and then heads to the back to look there.  Five minutes later she comes back with no scoop and looks at my empty bread.  So I'm starting to wonder what she is going to do about not having a scoop.  Is she going to use her hand or what or the bread itself?  Finally the first subway lady comes back and Jacayla asks he if she can help us because we don't know what is going on.  The girl who was helping me has since gone in to the back again to look.  SO the lady yells at her and says you can do the dishes in the back and I'll take care of this.

So we all get our sandwiches ordered and mom is the last to go.  Mom gets to the part where they put all the extras on and a phone (that the people who had come in before us left behind) rings and the lady answers it with her gloves on.  Then she decides to ring up the kid behind us who just wants chips, and gives him his change with the gloves on....THEN she comes back and finishes mom's sandwich WITH THE GLOVES ON!!!

What is society coming to??  No wonder there was a sign hanging up that say "Hiring."  Hopefully their screening process will be better the next time around.

So for the record our two "fast" food stops for the day took about 45 minutes total.....what part of this statement doesn't make sense?

Glad to be home.....

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