Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm back....!

So sorry I've been away...I think every day that I need to write on this and oh do I have the material to do but teaching is a busy lifestyle I'm attempting to keep up with.

I'm currently the elementary librarian in Hills and I love my job! I work in the library in the morning and have the pleasure (most days) of working with Kindergarten in the afternoons.

I am still living at home with my parents, saving a little money on the whole rent thing and actually getting a paycheck now! I'm also taking two grad classes that keep me busy as well with web design and reading all kind of wonderfully great young adult books!

Life at home is as eventful as usual and I wonder every day how some people would react to our lifestyle for example.....

My poor younger brother has been outnumbered by women for a few years now and is adapting well as are the rest of us. My sister, Joel and myself all use the same upstairs bathroom and it becomes quite the communal and I emphasize communal place in the morning.

Normally I am the first one up unless I am way too tired and keep hitting the news....but on a normal day I get into the shower and am out of the bathroom when Joel is making his way out of his room (normally in skivies) to the bathroom. Johannah may be up shortly after this, but it depends on the morning. Once I figure out what I am wearing, it's back to the bathroom where Joel is still taking care of business (if you know what I mean) we don't have a lot "boundaries" when it comes to mornings in the bathroom because there is not enough time or space to have them.

By the time he is done Johannah is more than likely up and getting ready or going to the bathroom. We each take a mirror, swapping back and forth to use the sink that actually drains at a normal rate or use each other's stuff etc. Joel has started the shower and instead of asking us to leave he just hides under the curtain, gets undressed and hops in. Like I said he is adapting well. Once he gets out he used the "bathroom brush" as he calls it to comb out his hair. Watch out if this brush is gone because it is his favorite one (I'm guessing this comes from living with girls?)

Eventually we are all pretty much ready and headed out the door to work or school...I'm sure to some people this routine would seem a little strange but that's our life an so far its working out pretty well!