Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't punch Art Work!

So  I know it has been a little while since I have written, but student teaching has been very time consuming, especially when we were getting ready for the GIANT art show that was tonight!

I have learned a lot from my young students and I thought I would share some of it with you....definitely facts everyone should know....

My cooperating teacher was talking to the students about the art show and how the school was going to be like a museum and how they should treat the art work and act at the art show.

Teacher: What should we not do to the art at the art show?

Student: Don't touch it

Another students raises their hand

Student 2: Don't punch it!

and another

Student 3: Don't pinch it

Lesson 1: Long story short don't touch, punch or pinch art work.

Lesson 2: Pipe cleaners look like snakes, tigers, bears AND bats.....who knew!?!?!?

Lesson 3: Thorough directions don't always cut it....see story below

The teacher gave a demonstration on how to make a sculpture by sticking pipe cleaners, beads, old pens and other thing into styrofoam.....basically they have a lot of freedom to stick a bunch of stuff in styrofoam to create a pretty cool looking sculpture.  After the demo the students go back to their seats to start working

A student sticks one pipe cleaner in the middle of his foam piece walk up to the teacher and says, "I'm done, now what?"

This same student was having a pretty rough day in art and was asked to return to his seat several times...I think he kind of gets in trouble a lot :(  The next morning we see him and another extremely cute little girl walking down the hall together and she says, "Larry's said he's going to get it together."

Lesson 4: Kindergartners=Hilarity

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