Monday, April 25, 2011

Kindergarten Zingers...

So anyone who works with or around Kindergarteners or anyone who has young children know that crazy things can come out of their mouths at any moment in time...and more often than not they aren't related to anything that is going on at that moment.

I call these Kindergarten Zingers...

Today I was reading this great book called Yucky Worms by Vivian French that is great for any kid who likes things that are slimy and gross...and little do they know it they are learning about worms while they read or listen.

At the end of this book there is a section called "How to Be a Wormologist"

So I ask the kids "Who wants to learn how to be a wormologist?"

To which a young African American boy replies...

"I don't! I want to be a Chinese boy!"

And in true Kindergarten form a conversation begins...


Monday, April 18, 2011

My Life in Eleven Tubs...

While I have not been living at my parent's home for quite some time, a lot of my "stuff" has been living there since I have been gone.  Well my mother has drawn the line and I am now officially moved out.

Yesterday my very organized, borderline OCD sister called me several times to ask if I wanted some things that were in my room including some track medals, a photo album with senior photos of my high school friends, a campfire Winnie the Pooh with my name on it (my mom got us these for Y Girl's Camp when we were younger) and sadly my reply was no I don't need them or have a place to put them.

While at work today, I was told that my mom would be making a delivery to my garage of all my things.  To my surprise there was nothing in my garage, rather it had been taken down to my basement.  There I found my life organized into 11 labeled turquoise tubs.

The stuff sticking out is a print from one of my printmaking classes and the other stuff is mostly art supplies

What I found interesting was that if you know me at all or even a little bit, the labels on these tubs really do sum up some of the highlights of my is what they said

  1. Sewing/Fabric
  2. Dolls/Cinderella
  3. D.M. (Dance Marathon)/Miscellaneous/Hills Bank Papers
  4. Shoes/Bags/H.P. (Harry Potter) Scene It
  5. Children's Books/Library
  6. Childhood/Fragile
  7. Books
  8. Chi Omega/U of I
  9. Book Sets
  10. Art Books/Draw
  11. No label just extra stuff that a lid wouldn't fit on

My life in just a few short labels.  

  • I am a sewer and have been since the age of ten when I learned from my grandma in 4-H.
  • I didn't open the tub, but I can guess that these are my American Girl dolls Molly, Kirsten and my "look alike" doll.  I am also a lover of all things Disney, especially Cinderella! (I featured one of its songs at our wedding)
  • Dance Marathon was and is still a huge part of my life/Hills Bank is where our home loan is/ and someday I will open the tub to find out what the Misc. is!
  • Shoes are my life, Bags are almost as much funny and I love all things Harry Potter
  • Children's books and library sum up my life as it is right now...
  • I did peak in the Childhood box and saw a wind up musical dolly from when I was little, I can also guess that this includes my Minnie Mouse tea set, precious moments and more
  • Books...enough said
  • Chi Omega is another big part of my life and still is and my wonderful undergraduate years spent at the U of I are some I will never forget and also where I met my wonderful husband
  • Book sets including the Harry Potter series house in the trunk of Harry Potter, The boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Little House on the Prairie Boxed set
  • Art books and drawing stuff--while I don't do as much Art as I used it was my focus as an undergrad!

Well if you didn't know me before...I'm sure you have a little more insight into the life of Jenahlee...