Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Joys of Life in a subdivision.....

It's times like these that I wish I had a tape recorder because my retelling of this story is not going to do it justice....

So it may come as a surprise to some of you....but I am a sucker for kids who are selling things. A few week ago a couple girls came by selling these discount cards for Highland athletics...I bought one and then had to hear about it from Todd.

Tonight Todd and I are hanging out, I'm watching tv when the door bell rings. The door bell rarely rings at our house so we are always saying who in the heck is here?

I go to the door in only my spandex and a t shirt to find a lady and little boy that I do not know. The mother asks me if I have had a chance to support Riverside Elementary and I said that no I had not....then the little boys starts talking..................

As the mom starts to show me the cookie dough booklet and explain what they are selling, he starts talking 20 miles a minute......

Boy: There's present stuff too and ribbon and why do you have this spider web on the wall by your front door?

Me: Oh I don't know I guess I haven't taken it down yet

Mother: Hey it will be really great for Halloween

Me: Yeah I guess so

Boy: I am going to come here for Halloween

Me: Ok I'll take some of the white chocolate macadamia nut

Boy: Why are you getting that you should the play-dough cookie dough, its like play-dough and it makes really good cookies (He then takes off down the drive way)

Mother: He is really excited and likes people a lot and he is obviously not shy...sorry

Me: It's ok (the boy comes back) so what grade are you in

Boy: I'm seven in first grade can I play in your house? I'm going to play in your house for 100 hours

Me: Oh it really isn't that fun at my house, there isn't much to do

So the mother says thank you and the boy takes off running towards the car, plowing through the bushes as he went, and I go in to give Todd back his check book

Me: I'm sorry but I just bought some cookie dough

Todd: It's ok I would have bought something from that kid too....

I'm sure the word is getting out....the lady at 3045 is a sucker go ask her to buy things :)

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  1. To funny...I'm a sucker for those little kids too. Especially the Cub Scouts who come to the door in their little uniforms selling tins of popcorn. They get me every time.