Friday, November 22, 2013

First Thanksgiving!

Lincon's first Thanksgiving!

Complete with mashed potatoes, pickles and all sorts of yummy things!

And with a big meal...comes a big nap...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Does he look like the son of a Librarian?

Lincoln likes playing in his room on occasion.  We don't spend a lot of time in there outside of bedtime, so it makes it extra fun because it's almost like a whole new place during the day!  Today he went straight for the books...a sure sign that he has a librarian for a mother!

He also loves Peek-A-Boo so finding this new hiding spot was pretty fun too!

Funny that he pulled out that book....look familiar?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crawler, Climber, Stinker, Smile....

Lincoln has officially started crawling and pulling up on things.  Of course he find ALL the things he should get into, but it is so fun to watch him explore!

Oooh this looks fun...

No hands? No problem!

Help! I'm trapped in a basket and I can't get out!

Hey Dad! I'm awake!

You may not believe me but he put himself in this little cage...not me!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Celebrate Good Times....Come On!

We spent the weekend in Harlan celebrating Grandma Joan's 60th Birthday!  We had a lot of fun spending time with cousins and loved ones! Besides Todd ending up sick it was a pretty good weekend!

Reading with Uncle Chris and Company

Looking pretty good for a kid who screamed all night!

Mmmm these cars are tasty!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sicky Sicky...

We had over a week of sickness in the Chamberlain Household.  I got a call that Lincoln was throwing up at daycare, then he had an ear infection, Todd ended up with a stomach bug as well...luckily it has skipped me thus far!

While there really isn't an upside to have a sick kid due to the night long screaming it did give me a chance to snuggle with my little buddy...something I try not to take for granted.

Since Todd got sick while we were Harlan I had to drive the whole way home :(

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lincoln Thomas---7 Months

Lincoln turned 7 months on the 5th of November and it has been a pretty wild month!

Height: 27.5"
Weight: 20.4lbs

Month 7 Milestones....

  • Two Teeth!
  • Eating a variety of baby foods and he has ventured in to puffs, yogurt bites, bits of pasta & more
  • Trying to figure out the sippy cup...prefers regular big boy glasses instead
  • Starting to pull himself up...especially with the help of mama
  • Trying to figure out crawling...he does somehow manage to get from point a to point b...even if it's not very pretty
  • Going from laying on his stomach to sitting up


I was finally able to get a picture of Lincoln hanging out with Great Grandpa Butch...let's just say he is not to volunteer to take a photo...Lincoln was highly entertained by his glasses and the many pens in his pocket :)

The Halloween Fun Continues...

Luckily after the many many hours we spent on Lincoln's costume we were able to get more than one day's use out it.  Lincoln got to strut or rather roll his stuff at the Medirevv Halloween Parade!

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Lincoln's First Halloween!

Lincoln's first Halloween included a trip to Washington to visit with Great Grandma Clarabell & Sharon and Great Grandpa Bill & Butch...and whole lot of cousins!

Little Lincoln Skeleton


At Great Grandma & Grandpa Vittetoe

Vittetoe Cousins
Evans Cousins