Monday, January 9, 2017

Trybrid Documenter & App Smashing

I've decided my documentation method isn't really hybrid it's more of a "trybrid". (Yeah I made that word up). Choosing a format has always been a road block for me to forward with documenting so I've decided to just embrace them all and use what works best for each particular project I'm working on.

How I'm using it now and my train of thought on which formats I will use for different least for now...

  • My kids first year baby albums will all be mostly physical, but I do use digital and the app to add to my photos and cards as needed, whether it be to create a collage to fit in more photos or add some flair with digital brushes & embellishments.
  • My hope is to scrapbook their years after that with one layout per month and I'm already quite behind so I may use the app for this, but print 12x12 pages as these are too long term to wait to print in a book format, unless I did one skinny book per year.
  • This is my first year doing a week by week album and it will be physical.  I can't help thinking about how many albums that could end up being so I'm keeping an open mind about format for this particular process in the future.
And that brings me to my other impromptu  project. With the upcoming release of photo books through the Project Life app I decided to sort through the thousands of pictures from our honeymoon in Italy and scrapbook those using the app.  I had already sorted the photos by location or event during our two week trip so from there I decided to choose my favorites were the ones that had the most meaning to me and put those into the book. I should probably add that we took this honeymoon in 2011 people!

For each location I choose a photo that represents it pretty well, quickly edit in PicTapGo and then use the app Font Candy + to put the name of the city or location as a sort of overlay on the image. I could do this in Photoshop but I'm trying to keep it all on my phone so I can pretty much do it anywhere.  In my teacher librarian world we call this "App Smashing."

These images start each section, then I throw in the rest, a few filler and journal cards and voila!

I really love how the pages are coming together and it is so fun to relive our time there through these beautiful photographs. Honestly I'm glad I waited because I think if I had tried this while the trip was still fresh I would have a really hard time "letting go" of some of the photos to narrow it down to what is really important to us and how we want to remember this trip.  One of my favorite layouts includes a collection of door photos we took throughout our trip.  After the fact I honestly thought why in the heck did we take these and now I'm so glad we did! I love them so much I may print them and frame for our walls!

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