Friday, October 30, 2009

Just this week.....

So here are a few conversations that I encountered at school this week......

My third grade class was interrupted by a bus evacuation so I had about five minutes with them so they wanted to ask me some questions about myself

Student: What is your real name?
Me: Jenahlee

Student: What is your boyfriend's name?
Me: Todd

Student: Has your dad ever been to jail?
Me: No

Student: Where were you born?
Me: Washington
Students: COOOOOOL!
Me:Washington, Iowa
Students: OOOOOHHHHHHHH......(clearly not the Washington they were thinking)

During my fifth grade class....who were not acting right so I told them that if they wanted to waste class time then they could spend time with me on the bench at recess.....

Boy: Well what if you can't find us?
Me: Oh I'll find you
Boy: Well what if you don't?
Me: Well I know where you eat lunch and I know what door you have to come out and the playground isn't that big....
Boy: What if we get hit by an invisibility ray?

While I'm tying a Kindergarten boy's shoes at recess.......

Boy: Sniff Sniff....mmm you smell good
Me: Oh yeah what do I smell like?
Boy: sniff...oranges
Me: Oh well thanks
Boy: sniff...and maybe strawberries too

and finally Todd encountered my same fifth grade friend with the invisibility ray when he came to drop off my coffee

To set the scene this boy is hiding behind a plant in the lobby of the school when Todd walks in

Boy: Peaking out from the plant...Are you a spy?
Todd: Yep....and he keeps on walking

Friday, October 2, 2009

What's next.....

So I am sitting in the Cedar Rapids airport, which is probably one of the smallest airports there is. I'm sure everyone is frustrated with the security check procedure and I wonder what will come next.....nakedness?

I have a carry on bag and one other bag that I brought with me....I had to have three tubs just for myself. My computer has to be by itself, my shoes have to be on the belt, my suitcase goes through by itself, my bracelet has its own little bin (which I put it in after the metal detector went off for this tiny little bit of metal (what could I possibly hide in there?) and then my phone has to be out of my bag and my other bag has to go through in a bin.....and then I feel bad because I have to repack everything as people are waiting to get through. I shouldn't be concerned about waiting though because it takes all of 7 minutes or less to get through security here.

I was happy that I wasn't required to wear a mask in case someone was spreading H1N1 although I think they should have some concern about spreading foot fungus since everyone has to walk through without their shoes on....SICK!

Well there is my rant for now....I'm on my way to Memphis for a little Chi Omega alumnae adventure, which should be a good time!