Sunday, March 16, 2014

The mom selfie...

Let me start by saying that I really do despise the selfie and I find it a bit sad that it was the 2013 word of the year. (see more info here)  With that being said, I take quite a few of them, by choice yes, but also out of the necessity that I would like to be documented as being a part of my son's life.  So these aren't your typical kissy face, over-edited type of selfies, rather they are my attempts at taking pictures of me and Lincoln together.

I am a photographer in hobby only.  I really found my love for it in college when I was an Art student and it has grown from there.  I love having my camera with me and I am always pulling it out to document even the smallest moments of our family life.  My husband does like photography as well and is actually quite good at it, but he does not share my passion for capturing the "moments" and so we are left with lots of pictures of Daddy and Lincoln and almost 0 of Mommy...hence the need for my poorly taken selfies.

I think this is true for most of the moms out there.  We are the ones behind the cameras capturing all the big and small moments of life for our kids.  I hope that one day my kids will appreciate the fact that while I may not be present in as many pictures, that I was there experiencing and capturing that moment for them.

Don't judge some of these...yes I did the act like you aren't looking face so that it at least
looked like someone else took it....sad I know.  I think even sadder are the ones that
only include my arm or hand, but at least he'll know it was me holding him!

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