Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer is here...but not for long!

So I've finally finished up my undergrad schooling and my "summer" has begun.  My summer will consist of three weekend worth of weddings in June (one of which I am in and very excited about), starting my graduate program at UNI & spending three days a week in Cedar Falls, doing a little babysitting and working on a manual for the good old UBO.

To start off my summer I had the pleasure of taking a trip to L
as Vegas for my good friend Lindsay's bachelorette party....which might I add was a blast!  I felt like such a VIP for the whole trip....being on lists for clubs, eating on the roof of a hotel and being the stars of the piano lounge. Needless to say the 11 of us girls who went had a great time and I think the pictures will help explain it more than I can!

Me and the Bride to be in front of the water ballet at the Bellagio!

Dale Chihuly glass....a famous artist just so you know!

On top of the Rio where we ate at the Voo Doo Lounge

Me and "Jack Nicholson" at the dueling pianos lounge.....a group of us didn't sleep the entire night and hopped on our shuttle to the airport at 5am!!!

Can't wait for the wedding!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

All good things must come to an end....

So...during the past couple of weeks it has really been hitting me that one I'm about to enter the "real" world, two my brother Joel is just about a senior, three my sister Jacayla is getting ready to start grad school, and four my other sister Johannah looks like a 20 year old and some days acts like one to even though she just about to be a Freshman in high school.

As I head in to my last week of student teaching, I won't lie it makes me a little nervous and excited as the same time, so I guess a good word to sum it all up would be anxious.  I check out the teaching job website just about every day, only to find nothing new that I would be interested in and sometimes it is to my relief, because the thought of interviewing makes me super nervous as well.  I was accepted in to a grad program for school library studies, which I can start this summer so if I don't find a job I can always go to school full time instead of part time and substitute teach as well.....but either way I'm still feeling quite anxious.

Joel had prom yesterday and even though I spent the whole time after grand march following him around like a puppy dog taking pictures, I knew that soon it would be his senior year and senior prom and if we didn't all the pictures we could of everything he was doing he would be upset later on.  It makes me pretty sad to think that little Joel or Wolly as I call him sometimes will be going on to "bigger and better" things, but I know when the time comes he will be ready, even though there is a small chance he will go to ISU (my least favorite school in the world) it probably is the best fit for him as a farm boy from small town Iowa.

Jacayla graduates from her undergrad at UNI this weekend in just three years (yeah she puts me to shame) but she is starting grad school right away and we are all very proud of her and I know she loves what she is doing so the time will fly by!

As Johannah gets ready to soon enough have a license and becoming a top of the food chain freshman at the junior high, she is way beyond her years (most likely thanks to me and Jacayla and the lack of editing that goes on in our household)  I know she will be a senior way before I know it!

So the moral of the story is life does go on and all good things come to an end, but then a new good thing begins and so the story of life goes!

Well this is one of my more sentimental blogs, but I thought for it being this time of year it was only fitting! :)