Thursday, June 18, 2009

I think I'm talking to myself

So I'm sorry for the delay in posting but I just started my grad program at UNI in school library studies and I've been pretty busy!   The funny thing is that I have to have a blog for a class I'm taking, along with a facebook page, a ning  page, etc. etc.

It's also hard to really write a lot when I'm pretty sure I'm just talking to myself on here anyways!

I do have a funny story to share though....

As most of you know I started living with Jacayla up in Cedar Falls and the other day we were shopping for groceries at Fareway.  Jacayla decided that we should have some beer in our fridge so this conversation took place in the alcoholic beverages isle.

Jacayla grabs a 12 pack of Bud Select bottles....

Jack: Aren't you going to get some Coors Light?

Me: No I can just drink that....I don't think we need 24 bottles of beer in our fridge.

Jack: Well what if we want to get really.....naughty some night?

So by itself this doesn't seem to bad but as she is saying a semi young man in walking right by her and she was basically making us sound like we were lovers!

After I looked at her like what in the heck did you just say?  We took our cart and ran in to the next isle!  She then tells me she didn't even mean to say that, she was wanting to say trashed or some word along those lines but naughty is the word that came out!

HAHAHAHA!  The first of many stories to come from the new version of Sister Sister!