Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things You Shouldn't Feel Obligated to Do While Pregnant...Saving Cats

9 Lives...and Counting

So I had an OB appointment this morning...26 weeks and counting my friends! My appointments are in Washington and afterwards I stopped by my parent's house to chat and of course look in the fridge and also see if I can do some "shopping" in her pantry. (Some habits are hard to break)

When I arrived I was greeted, as usual, by my parent's three dogs who left shortly after with my dad. Since the dogs were gone, my mom let out the newest addition to the family...a little black cat she saved one night from two of the previously mentioned dogs, who let's just say aren't very fond of cats and would rather make them a snack than a playmate. The cat eventually crept out of its basement home and was having a lovely time being a curious little cat. Little did I or the cat know that my dad had returned to collect some of the trash and the next thing I know, Lucy, one of the dogs was in the house and after the cat in a flash. I immediately started screaming for my mom, ran towards the dog who had spotted its prey, and dove on the kitchen floor tearing the dog away from the cat. Luckily I got there just in time and the cat made its getaway safely back to the basement.

I looked up at my mom and said..."probably not something I should be doing while pregnant and it's a good thing I'm not more pregnant or kitty probably would have had a different fate." The cat eventually ventured back out of the basement and found a safe little spot under my mom's seed bin counter.

*Note the paint cans holding the counter off the floor. These were placed there when the refrigerator decided to have a major leak and to make sure the floor dried underneath these cans were put in place. My parents have since decided they prefer the new height of the counter and the cans have remained in this position for several months. Thankfully they had my handyman Todd build them a "stand" of sorts, which I will feature in a future post :)

Well of to bed...back to work tomorrow and I'm quite depressed about it! :(

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