Friday, January 4, 2013

Half Birthday...The Aftermath

Half Birthday Treats...The Aftermath
If you are at all familiar with the school I work at, you know that one thing we do really well besides educate children of course is FOOD. We do food like you wouldn't believe. Random Snack Days, Monthly Luncheons, Munchie Day, Pinterest Day, DIP Day (my personal creation) and last but not least Birthday Buddies. Rather than celebrate a group of people's birthdays each month, we celebrate each one individually. Every person who wants to participate is assigned a "buddy" to bring treats for.

Well today was my School Birthday. I say my school birthday because not only was I blessed with a summer birthday, my half birthday happens to fall on New Year's Day so of course we are never at school to celebrate either one...but today happened to be the choice for this year.

 I must say I had a fabulous birthday buddy who brought LOTS of goodies and as you can see they were devoured...all before lunch :)

So a big thank you to my lovely birthday buddy KB and Happy Belated Half Birthday to Me!

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