Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Strange Shopping Bag...

Do you ever stop and think about what you are buying and what it might look like to the checker at the store? Today I did...and it dawned on me that this is a strange assortment of items...probably not my strangest though :)

Sick Husband=Gatorade & Generic DayQuil & NyQuil in both pill and bottle form (yep she did check my ID in case you were wondering)

The rest was pretty much for me...
  • Corn Starch for a few Pinterest Recipes I found...the one item I forgot to buy the last time I grocery shopped even though I had a list!
  • Sparkling Calorie Free Grapefruit Drink=trying out the cheaper alternative to ICE Sparkling Grapefruit
  • Cherry Coke ZERO=this stuff is hard to find let me tell ya! They only had one box! I am a regular Pepsi girl all the way, but this is one of my go to "diet" sodas!
What you don't see in this picture is how nice of a wife I REALLY am...the bag of Panera that I brought home especially for my hacking and coughing husband to have for dinner :)

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