Sunday, January 20, 2013


Since I've been pregnant life in a school has been a bit more interesting. The difference between my experience being pregnant at school and other teachers is that as the librarian I know EVERY kids in school and they know me, so there are a lot more kids "interested" in the situation.

Most comments are pretty standard and if it were anyone but my students saying it, they would probably get a punch in the face for their lack of tack...

"Wow Mrs. Chamberlain you are getting big!"
"Mrs. Chamberlain your belly is really starting to stick out"

etc., etc.

Most kids have no boundaries so I do get random belly touches throughout the day. Some kids ask, some kids don't and for the most part I'm ok with it. There are some kid specific exceptions though, but I won't name names.

I also get a lot of really great comments, which I'm starting to call babyisms. Based on these babyisms I am beginning to think that some students don't think its a little human in my belly, but some kind of creature of sorts.

5th Grader Babyisms

After telling some kids that I'm a bit tired that day, to which they reply "Why?"

Me: Well it's hard work growing a human ya know

Student 1: It's not that hard, all you have to do is feed it
Student 2: how do you feed it?
Student: I don't know there is some kind of tube or something...

A couple of girls are asking me questions about how old I am and Baby C

Girl 1: How far along are you Mrs. Chamberlain
Me: Oh about 4 months or so
Girl 1: It doesn't even look like you are pregnant
Me: Oh there is a little belly there (to which I pull my shirt a little closer to my body so she can see the bump)
Girl1: Some people have that even when they aren't pregnant...

Girl 2: How old are you Mrs. Chamberlain
Me: 27
Girl 2: Are you sure you are ready to have a baby?

I have also been asked if I was keeping my baby after I had it, which is actually a bit sad, but not a surprise based on my student population.

Kindergarten & First Grade Babyisms
In the earlier months when I had only told a few people and the rumors were running wild :)

I hear a little first grader, who is a bit of a diva, whispering to another student about my being pregnant. She finally gets up to courage to ask...

Girl: (in total disbelief) Mrs. Chamberlain she told me that her brother told her that his teacher said you were going to have baby!?!?!?

Me: Well that's because I am

Girl: (with a look of total shock) You are? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

At morning duty I was watching the Kindergarteners, one of them walks up to me

Girl: Mrs. Chamberlain can I pet your baby?
Me: Well I don't know about petting my baby, but you can touch my belly if you want. Thanks for asking first.

Students walk in to library class

Girl: Mrs. Chamberlain did your baby get out?
Me: Nope it didn't get out yet

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