Friday, August 2, 2013

Wiggle & Shake

Todd has a habit of taking songs,especially my favorite songs, and creating his own version of the lyrics. More often than not he ends up with a slightly more inappropriate version of his own. This might not be an issue in most cases, but his versions seem to stick with me. In fact, his lyrics are so catchy that I will find myself singing his new and “improved" creation the next time I hear the song.

He has put this talent of his to good use since Lincoln was born, creating some completely original songs that he sings to Lincoln in various situations. His miss recent composition is called Wiggle & Shake. He sings this song when he's helping L stand as he tends to be quite wiggly

It does have a tune...but here's how it goes...

Wiggle and shake
Wiggle and shake
Because you ain't no fake

Sing and repeat over and over!

It really is quite cute...maybe I can sneak a video sometime :-)

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