Monday, August 5, 2013

4 Months...The Definition of Symmetrical

Lincoln is 4 months old today and it just so happened that his four month appointment was today as well.

Height: 26"
Weight: 16lbs. 1oz.
Head: 43cm

All fall into the 75th percentile and as Dr. P said...he is the definition of symmetrical!  Everything else looked perfect and I received the "Good Job Mommy" stamp of approval...he actually says that :) so that makes me feel good.

Month 4 has been a crazy month for are some of the highlights...
  • Standing! (with help and a lot of wiggling & shaking...see previous post)
  • Rolling! (Belly to back roll overs and a couple back to belly rollover)
  • Props himself up on his elbows when he is on his tummy
  • Went from sitting in the Bumbo with a little success to being a total pro!
  • Grabs and plays with his feet
  • Grabs toys and of course tries to put everything in his mouth
  • Chatters and babbles like crazy (my favorite)
  • Screams and yells just because he can and likes hearing himself
  • Went to his first county fair
  • Took his first boat ride

It really is amazing to watch him change and grow, and so quickly I might add! It is definitely a bittersweet feeling to see him changing so much, but also knowing how fast he is growing up already!  I have started documenting his first year in a book using Project Life...but I'll post about that another day!

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