Sunday, June 30, 2013

Garage Sale Week...

I have been wanting to start a whole house purge and when my mom told me we were doing a garage sale I jumped at the opportunity.  I cleaned our closet, got rid of the tubs of clothes from my chubbier days, went through kitchen cupboards...if we didn't use it, it was on the chopping block. I managed to fit it all in my car with the only spot not being occupied by junk was the driver seat and of course Lincoln's spot in the back. 

Thankfully my brother Josh has the holy grail of garages! One it is HUGE and two it's air conditioned! Who could ask for a better garage sale setting???  We organized and tagged and spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday selling, selling and selling some more! Overall I would say it was a success! After the sale I sent a ton of stuff to Goodwill and managed to only come home with two tubs of clothes headed to Stuff and Houseworks to hopefully make a few extra bucks.

The purging will continue, but I think most of what leaves the house next will go straight to the dump! 

My car packed to the brim!
Almost ready!
Lincoln was a great helper, but like his mommy he was tuckered out!
Not sure how he got his hand in there, but what a little cutie!

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