Monday, June 17, 2013

Boji Baby

We spent the weekend in Okoboji celebrating a wedding with our life long friends The Stouts.  I would say the trip was a success for the most part. Lincoln was a road trip champ, sleeping all but about 30 minutes of the almost 6 hour drive...can't complain about that! He also took his first ever swim and he and I both loved it! At the wedding I showed him some sweet dance moves and we had a good ole time! Lessons learned on this trip...don't just pack extra clothes for your kid, pack them for everyone, in this case daddy and a Tide stick will definitely be joining the diaper bag tools! Poor Todd went through three shirts in the first day and a half and fell victim to a bit of blowout at the wedding...Happy Father's Day!

This kiddo was a road trip champ! He was awake for about 20-30 minutes the entire trip
Just lovin the car and having me in the back with him for the last leg of the trip!
Enjoying the lake
Memphis's creation...tortilla chips dipped in water YUM!

Lincoln took his first swim! Thank goodness for warm water...HE LOVED IT!
Not so sure about the camera flash...
Hanging out with daddy and gnawing on his new favorite chew toy...his hands

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