Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elementary kids can make you feel bad...

So as some you know I work in the Kindergarten room at my school every afternoon. One of the students happens to be moving to a new school so all the kids were making a page to go in a book for her when she leaves, that include their favorite memories they had with her.

One of these students asked me if I would help draw a flower on her page, so of course I said sure. I asked her what type of flower she wanted and she said a rose. So I grab the red crayon and she grabs the green and draws the stem. I draw what I think is a pretty good rose (especially for using a crayon and also for a kindergartener!) Man was I wrong....SHE WAS NOT HAPPY!

She got really mad and told me that it didn't look like a rose! So of course I retaliate and say yes it does and she says no it doesn't and starts to get all pouty. I tell her one again that it does look like a rose and tell her that she should find a book with a rose in it and see how close it is. I was not happy either. She asked me again to help and informed her that I would let her work alone, because if she was going to ask for my help and then tell me it wasn't good, then she could work by herself and I walked away.

Surprisingly enough it actually hurt my feelings....a kindergartener hurt my feelings because she said something bad about my drawing. I wasn't even mad about another kindergartener who noticed my not always clear complexion, but man I was not having this!

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