Wednesday, November 11, 2009

who knew....again

First of all yesterday was my brother Joel's birthday so Happy 18th Bday Wolly!

I know that I have had this title for a post before but you will notice that I put "again" at the end because lets face you learn A LOT in an elementary school.

My friend Drew who we you should be fairly familiar with by now has decided he likes the word sexy now.

I was told by student that he was saying that word and that he had been saying it earlier today as well so I told him that probably wasn't school appropriate.

Well turns out he used this word at home...with his mother who he evidentally referred to as a big fat sexy woman.

When she heard this she asked Drew what he thought the word sexy was his reply so she then asked what he meant by the word hot and he answered cool.

So long story short....the kindergarten definition of sexy is cool just so you know!

One last thing.....yestserday in Kindergarten one girls kissed another girl. The girl who was kissed (who is one of my favorite students) went up to the teacher and commented "she just kissed me and I am not very comfortable with that."

Enough said!

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