Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When one letter can make all the difference....

So as you all know I am currently in my elementary art student teaching placement, which I am loving! Plus it makes for some good stories....

My fourth grade class has been working on puppets for the past couple weeks.  The first day they made the head and arms out of clay.

The second week they took time to create a sketch and persona for their puppet, they could pretty much do whatever they wanted.

So one of my students decides he wants to do a rapper and comes up with a great sketch with lots of money signs and descriptive words like nice, friendly, etc (which I was glad to see that this was his take on what a rapper should be)

I didn't see it right away when he turned it in, but when I was looking through them later I found a small but BIG mistake.

At the top of the page he had attempted to write the position of his puppet....rapper

But instead, he forgot one letter and this is how it was spelled....


Needless to say, even if his rapper is now a raper, his puppet looks awesome  complete with a bling necklace and sideways hat...when he's finished I'll have to post pics.

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