Monday, March 21, 2011

100 Push Ups? I think yes!

So I have just completed Week 1 of my 6 week program to doing 100 pushups!  I found this FREE online program a while back....actually before our wedding but for some reason I didn't have much time to do's pretty well laid out and easy to follow and as of right now I totally recommend it! (Ask me again in a few weeks)

Hmm now how can I not make this a blog post about my work out plan....well today was my first day back from a week long Spring Break, let's just say the kids were a little crazy.

I found myself asking the kids on several occasions....Do you think I'm dumb?  Do you think I can't hear you talking right in front of me while I'm trying to read?  I usually tend to add something along the lines of I'm not that old, and my hearing is still quite good (actually I had a couple students once say that I had super sonic hearing, so clearly it's good)  This usually follows with a how old are you?  Today someone chimed in, "she's like 35" to which I replied I am not 35 and they continue to guess and eventually get closer...I will say 5th graders are much better than kindergarteners who usually guess something like 80.

On another note, my Master's thesis is basically complete, with a few minor corrections needed, printing on some fancy paper and binding!!!

Anywho, that's all for to stretch before bed!

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