Sunday, July 8, 2012

A few of my favorite least recently

Only been about 8 months but no worries we are still alive and kickin!

I finally got my blog switched over to my current email address...THANK YOU GOOGLE for finally getting that figured out!

Anywho, just a few pics of some of my recent favorite things :)

Celebrating my niece's 1st Birthday! Happy Birthday Memphis!

Getting back into YA (young adult) lit! The Divergent series = AMAZING! If you like The Hunger Games you wil love this! My goal is to keep reading things for myself as well as keeping up on reading for my students!

Attempting to read all the Iowa Children's Choice books before school starts! Loved this one!
Actually making something I found on Pinterest! I made these magnetic plush letters for Memphis for her birthday...I may post a tutorial if you are luck!

Passing on my legacy...well teaching Johannah how to sew for 4-H

Hanging out with family...and watching my little Rhea be the gentle giant that she really is!
Ok this is a mix of hate and love...I HATED digging out all of our mulch and carting TONS of rock around, but I LOVE the lack of weeds I have to pull out of my new large flower beds that go up and down both sides of our driveway!

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