Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet Rhea...3 1/2 months late...

So I have been very bad at posting lately...I apologize.  I have lots of things I would like to blog about so I may be bombarding the blog with posts over the course of the week.

First things first....WE GOT A DOG!

Meet Rhea, pronounced RAY-UH, our blue merle great dane puppy.  I use the term puppy lightly...while she is a puppy she is growing VERY fast!

From the time we went to visit the breeder when she was 3 weeks to when we picked her up at 7 weeks she had doubled in sized and weighed about 14ish pounds.  Now she is about 3.5 months and weighs approximately 45 pounds!  I know pictures don't do size very well but here is a little montage of photos!

Rhea at 7 weeks

 Rhea with her bling collar

Rhea with Papa Todd
I wanted this in as a size reference
 Rhea at 10 weeks

Rhea at 10 weeks on Todds lap...clearly she has grown since the earlier picture
 This is the reason I wanted the size can see her head has clearly grown

In motion at 12 weeks
 12 weeks with her brand new corn toy...of course it squeeks
 There is plenty of room in the back of her kennel but this is how she wanted to sleep...

She loves leaning against anything...couches, legs, etc....

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