Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Impress the Ladies....

So Happy Valentine's Day to all....

My day started off with my little friend JJ (A Kindergartener) telling me a few things about impressing the ladies....

Usually JJ wears a button up shirt, vest and tie everyday, to do just that, impress the ladies (his words) today he came to school and promptly stripped down to his undershirt.

When he came to the library we informed his escort, a practicum student, that he normally wears the fancier getup to impress the ladies and JJ promptly responds, "no I'm not doing that anymore."

Of course I have to egg him on so I ask, "you're not wearing your tie anymore or you're not trying to impress the ladies"

He said well I'm still trying to impress the ladies but I married her so...(he trails off)

Me: Who did you marry JJ?

JJ: T (for short to keep her identity unknown) who is a girl in his class

Then he proceeds to tell us that he has been working out so he wanted to show off his muscles but...

"I can't work out at curves, it's only for girls"

So long story short, wearing a tie and vest, showing of your muscles in an "A" shirt and working out are three way to impress the ladies OR  you can just send flowers like my guy did!

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