Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Todd's TV....two different versions

So I just got this book in my library and interestingly enough it's called Todd's TV by James Proimos. I was talking with my library secretary about how funny this book is and how I should give it to Todd for Christmas. Read the summary and if you know Todd it will make sense.

Here is the summary & check out the link to Amazon where you can "look inside" and see the hilarious illustrations.

Todd’s parents love him very much, but they are very busy
and have lots of grownup things to do. So they often set him in front of the TV. One day, when his parents realize neither one can make it to his parent-teacher conference, the TV
offers to take their place. They
agree, and from that point on the TV takes on more and mor
e parenting duties -- even driving Todd to school and taking him on vacation. His parents are grateful … until the TV proposes adopting Todd.
Alarmed, they try all sorts of
tricks to wrest their son away from the TV. But it’s Todd who
proposes a simple, effective solution: Turn it off.

Later that night Todd and I were just hanging out at home when Todd disappeared, which means he is working on some sort of creation....

Eventually he comes back upstairs and says "I just built a TV!" Turns out his PS3 wouldn't work with his regular monitor so he had to make one and this is his creation....

He was so proud, so I guess I was too :) My little nerd

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