Thursday, July 30, 2009

So close I can taste it

So I am one on campus session away from being completely done with my first summer of grad school classes and I am psyched! The summer has flown by and hasn't really felt like a summer so far so I am looking forward to three solid weeks of enjoying what I have left of it.

Next week I go on vacation with Todd's family to the Wisconsin Dells and it should be really fun. I think it will just be nice to be able to relax and doing absolutely nothing that involves cataloging, reading a textbook or anything related to school....except maybe some reading but it is all fiction reading so I tend to enjoy that anyways.

I haven't really had anything funny to write about lately but I've been super busy with my classes....although if I could record what some people say in those classes and put it on here you would probably die! It is ridiculous.

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